The Cercon crown has been our top-notch full zirconia crown. We produce excellent color matching for all 16 VITA shades and Bleach shades. Every shade has its own incisal shade.  It is highly recommended and easily integrated with all types of implants restoration. They can be used both on posterior and anterior restoration.  The Cercon crowns provide consistent quality from batch to batch. The gradient of the layers matching natural tooth aesthetics in one disc. Extra high translucency (41-49 %) and excellent shade accuracy allow for natural aesthetics, especially in the anterior region.

Our Monolithic Zirconia crowns and bridges are milled from solid blocks of zirconia, sintered at over 1500°C and nearly unbreakable. In its pre-sintered form, the zirconia is stained in a range of colors to achieve a base color, which helps to improve the aesthetics of the final restoration. They are CAD/CAM manufactured – for accuracy of fit and come in Monolithic form and guarantee no risk of delamination.

Our PFZ crowns are highly aesthetic and have the ability to be used on all types of restorations. The strength and accuracy of the substructure cannot be questioned as they are designed and milled on state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems. For all the benefits of zirconia this restoration is very flexible and offers alternatives for full mouth restorations, crowns, and bridges for both anterior and posterior regions of the mouth.

Our pressed IPS e.max® crown is an innovative, lithium disilicate glass material that enables us to create strong, life-like, highly aesthetic, all-ceramic restorations. This material is highly translucent and very versatile, suitable for use in the creation of many different types of restorations such as crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays. WE guarantee the best fit for all types of crowns because we do only press to get the best fit

Customs Abutments are widely implemented in our implant crown restoration due to the different degree of complications in procedure. We use authentic custom abutments from originally manufactured parts. We design the crown and abutment in-house. Then the crowns are milled using cutting edge CAD/CAM technology in our facility. Available in titanium, gold-tone titanium, zirconia with titanium base.

The team at Nexen Dental Studio is proud to introduce All-on-4. This is a revolutionary approach to solving the problem of multiple missing teeth and reconstructing the mouth of a patient to restore full function. All-on-4 provides advantages over conventional dentures. It looks and functions like natural teeth and they are designed to be long lasting. This is a great cosmetic solution for patients looking to restore their smile.